Marathon 55 Mi 18 Wk

This is Pete Pfitzinger's training plan from his Advanced Marathoning book for mid-mileage marathoners who typically train less than 40 miles per week, but are willing to up their mileage to 55 miles per week during marathon preparation. This 18-week plan starts at 33 miles per week and peaks at 55 miles per week.

Be sure to buy his book if you don't already have it. It will provide a lot more details with regards to each workout.

This plan is being published with the permission of Pete Pfitzinger

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Week Of Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun TOTAL
Dec 03Rest7 Mi w/ 10x100mRest9 MiRest4 Mi12 Mi 32 Mi
Dec 10Rest8 Mi w/ 10x100mRest10 MiRest5 Mi13 Mi 36 Mi
Dec 17Rest8 Mi w/ 4 Mi4 Mi10 MiRest4 Mi14 Mi 40 Mi
Dec 24Rest8 Mi w/ 10x100m5 Mi10 MiRest4 Mi15 Mi 42 Mi
Dec 31Rest9 Mi w/ 4 Mi5 Mi10 MiRest5 Mi17 Mi 46 Mi
Jan 07Rest8 Mi w/ 8x100m5 Mi8 MiRest4 Mi12 Mi 37 Mi
Jan 14Rest10 Mi w/ 5 Mi4 Mi11 MiRest7 Mi w/ 8x100m18 Mi 50 Mi
Jan 21Rest6 Mi w/ 6x100m12 MiRest11 Mi w/ 6Mi5 Mi20 Mi 54 Mi
Jan 28Rest6 Mi14 Mi6 MiRest6 Mi w/ 6x100m15 Mi w/ 12 Mi 47 Mi
Feb 04Rest8 Mi8 Mi w/ 5x600m5 MiRest8 Mi w/ 8x100m14 Mi 43 Mi
Feb 11Rest6 Mi w/ 6x100m12 Mi w/ 7 Mi paceRest12 Mi5 Mi20 Mi 55 Mi
Feb 18Rest8 Mi w/ 5x600m11 MiRest4 Mi w/ 6x100m8-15K race17 Mi 50 Mi
Feb 25Rest8 Mi9 Mi w/ 5x1000mRest12 Mi5 Mi17 Mi w/14 Mi 51 Mi
Mar 04Rest8 Mi w/ 5x600m11 MiRest4 Mi w/ 6x100m8-15K race17 Mi 50 Mi
Mar 11Rest5 Mi w/ 6x100m10 Mi w/ 4x1200mRest10 Mi4 Mi20 Mi 49 Mi
Mar 18Rest8 Mi w/ 5x600m5 MiRest4 Mi w/ 6x100m8-10K race16 Mi 43 Mi
Mar 25Rest7 Mi w/ 8x100m8 Mi w/ 3x1600mRest5 Mi w/ 6x100mRest12 Mi 32 Mi
Apr 01Rest6 Mi7 Mi w/ 2 Mi paceRest5 Mi w/ 6x100m4 MiGoal Marathon 48.2 Mi